Follow the correct nutrition during the quarantine

the nutrition expert revealed the correct health system that should be followed during the quarantine days. The expert notes, in instructions that improper nutrition such as eating multiple fast foods and lack of physical activity in conditions of self-isolation can lead to the emergence of health problems.
According to her, it is necessary to establish a daily diet, which avoids the lack of vitamins and nutrients. In order to enhance the body’s immunity, you must increase your intake of citrus fruits.

He said, “It is preferable to drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach with lemon, and in order to maintain the water balance in the body throughout the day, for example, it is possible to drink boiled frozen fruits or dried fruits without adding sugar, or boiled ginger with honey. It should also avoid excessive caffeine.”.

The expert added, it is preferred to eat whole grains, eggs, nuts and poultry meat to the diet as important sources of proteins. Dairy products such as yogurt and others should be eaten.

She says, and we should not forget about physical activity that includes physical exercises, dance, movement games with children, and doing various housework that requires movement. All of this, “helps not only to improve the physical condition but also to improve mood and emotional state.”